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Open Bridge

In an increasingly dynamic market, it is crucial for your company to make the right decisions quickly. Data is the decisive tool, but often it is incomplete, fragmented, or outdated. Open Bridge transforms data into an asset.

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Manages and leverages data

Operational headquarter

Customer Master data


Purchase planning


Production orders




Open Bridge

Identifies, connects, and integrates all the data of your company.

The scenarios change rapidly. It is vital for businesses to extract value from data, precious intangible resources that, together with assets and experience, are the true assets of the company. Open Bridge is the powerful and sophisticated yet user-friendly software that identifies, connects, and integrates all the data of your company. It is essential for reacting promptly and effectively to changing external factors, responding timely to internal and market demands, and growing your business alongside your collaborators.

Towards an infinite number
of application fields

The automatic and synchronized data management of Open Bridge is a competitive advantage that can be leveraged in the markets

The key to the future business lies in 'good' data. To have 'good' data, it is essential to collect a large amount of diverse data in real-time and subject it to strategic verification and selection, wherever it is stored: physical and digital environments, private servers, cloud. Open Bridge collects and organizes structured and unstructured data from various sources, even extracting the most elusive and invisible ones , and provides a digital representation of them. Open Bridge transforms your entire company into data: people, machinery, management software, fleets, objects, devices, information flows. Everything.


Service company

Practices management

"I know the progress status in real-time"

under control

Enables a new level of value chain efficiency

After transforming everything into data, Open Bridge manages, interconnects, and integrates them with the existing software and management systems in the company. Only with automated and bidirectional flow, information flows seamlessly, and each department functions at its best: production has real-time access to constantly updated 'good' data communicates with the warehouse and administration, interacts with the sales force, and engages with customers and suppliers. Access to information occurs in compliance with roles and responsibilities, with highly flexible configurations. At any time and from any device, you can schedule your activities, distribute tasks and integrated information across different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, machinery HMI, large screens, IoT...), intervene promptly, and monitor key indicators that are always up-to-date in real-time.

Manufacturing company

Industry 4.0

"Measure actual production capacity"

versatile, scalable

Built with a focus on continuous improvement of your business

It is vital to have a far-sighted perspective and be prepared. It is no longer the time to postpone important decisions. The moment to embark on a digital transformation journey is now. Only those who possess the skills, experience, technologies, but above all, the ability to manage identities and data correctly, And only by starting from the analysis and redefinition of processes, the ones that nobody knows better than you in the company, can a program be set up to enhance the value chain in a path of continuous improvement.

Activity management
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The software that wasn't there

Automates processes

Maximizes existing potential, identifies inefficiencies, and creates resources to invest in growth.

Connects people

Brings together employees, customers, and suppliers so that everyone has access to the right and up-to-date information, whenever and wherever needed.

Integrates systems

Interacts with existing information systems (CRM, ERP, document management, etc.) and interfaces with machinery (PLC, IoT, etc.).

Controls the work

Constantly verifies the progress of work and monitors key indicators that are always up-to-date in real-time.

Protects data

Safeguards your competitive advantage: know-how, experience, and operational processes, all encapsulated in a single tool.

Looks ahead

Prepares your company for the future because Open Bridge is the cutting-edge software built to always stay current.

Modular architecture

The data converges into an intelligent form

  • DASH

    Main interface for administering system access authorizations and for scheduling operational flows. Identifies, authorizes and collects data generated by people and objects.

  • FLOW

    Workflow engine that manages and coordinates data exchange between DASH, EDGE, and third-party services (e.g., web, social, data APIs, ...). It is the secure connector to the outside world

  • EDGE

    Enhances machinery with new computing capabilities and intelligent algorithms (computer vision, machine learning, AI, ...). It sends data to the command center and receives actions to be taken.



Secure access to company data. Passwordless, GDPR & PSD2 compliance.

Data Analysis

Data collection, optimization, and monitoring of production processes.

Machine Learning

Automated learning and utilization of correlation algorithms.

Computer Vision

Quality classification, defect recognition, self-identification.

What is it used for?

Simplify and automate the know-how of every organization

Every company is similar but not entirely identical to others, and this distinctive element is its strength.


Enabling machines with intelligent thinking

Through specially designed learning algorithms, the lifecycle, downtime, and inefficiencies will be under control.


Securing physical locations and digital devices

Through our tools based on international standards, we provide enhanced security and efficiency to your work.


The future has arrived

Process automation

Smart industry


Data = value

Digital is an indispensable ally today, even for those who have not previously dealt with it and have limited knowledge. Through the connection and integration of data, a world of new opportunities opens up for businesses: reduced expenses, less waste of resources and time, increased efficiency, better control, and a wider range of services to offer.

The Open Bridge software has been developed to manage data for both manufacturing and service-oriented businesses, regardless of their size. It connects data from different systems and creates new data where necessary. For a manufacturing company, for example, Open Bridge can be customized to connect data generated by machinery (PLCs) with the order system, especially when undertaking an Industry 4.0 project. For a service-oriented company, on the other hand, it is extremely useful in streamlining processes as Open Bridge provides real-time updates on the progress of work from any device, ensuring total security. However, the application areas are numerous. Tell us about your company and the problem you need to solve.
Yes, Open Bridge solves the complexities of systems that do not communicate in real-time through specially configured software and/or hardware connectors based on the customization specifications agreed upon with you.
Open Bridge is provided in either SaaS mode or installed on your company's servers. It allows you to manage connections between different existing systems, minimizing the need for human intervention. In mutual interest, we ask to have a point of contact within your company to whom we can address any queries as the 'customized' part of the software is developed.
The updating of Open Bridge is continuous at the centralized platform level. This means that the improvements made over time are included in the annual subscription.

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Marmi Rossi, production goes 4.0 - Industry 4.0 project for the digitization of the production process, with data collection and management directly from the machinery integrated into the company's information system.

Alperia Fiber, the fiber roll-out is all digital Digitalization project of the activation and maintenance process of the fiber optic network, and creation of a constantly updated real-time network inventory.

IoT for workplace safety: here's the interactive suit A work suit that tells the worker if it's still intact, therefore suitable for protecting the worker, and warns them of possible hazards in the area where they are located.

The right solution for you

Open Bridge is available as Software as a Service or on-premises. Additionally, turnkey professional services cater to the specific needs of your business.


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  • Software to be installed on existing in-house or cloud server infrastructure.

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